Do you want to hear more about positivity, or even happiness? Do you marvel like a child at the inner beauty of things too? Do you dream of traveling and setting off on your next adventure? This project is for you!



Our journey is a sailing trip around Latin America: from France, we will go through the Big South to reach the Panama Canal safe and sound.   centre
We aim at spreading our vision of the world through this crazy journey, and making you crazy about these places so that you are dying to go and explore them yourself too!



Our goal: make movies, short films, of the towns we will land on, in order to share those colorful and musical images that translate the essence and the spirit of the places we discover, their inhabitants, their architecture and soul.   centre



On this website, you can find all the information concerning the project ‘Le Bato A Film’: our team, a map of the trip and the stops planned, the list of our partners and much more! If you want to suscribe to our newsletter, please go to the French or the Spanish version of the site.


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Each stop of the trip is a link in the chain of the entire project, gathering a new team composed of creative and international members, pooling their means of production to tell about the place. Part of the team will then board in and lead the boat to the next harbour, while making an original animated film that will be broadcast at the next stop.


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Story behind the project


Origins of the project by its initiator, Géraldine.


At first, it was a dream from childhood: to follow the great sailors' footsteps, around Cape Horn, through the Panama Canal. As far as I remember, I've always been fascinated by the sea.


As for Latin America, I am profoundly connected to this continent. I traveled a lot there, I even lived there, and it now belongs to my story and memories. I kept strong links with Latin America and it is still constantly in my mind. The idea of making short films started with the desire of telling, sharing and making people dream. I first thought about using movies as a support while making my first short film named Ventana de Papel. This film depicts the city of Valparaiso (in Chile) by telling a tale.


In the end, this trip on ‘Le Bato A Film’ appeared as an obvious choice.

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